Become A Franciscan

How Do I Become A Franciscan?

A. “Come and See:”
visits throughout the year

B. Application process: letters of recommendation, transcripts, medical examination, etc.

1. Introduction

Candidacy: Normally a one year immersion into the Franciscan way of life. Common prayer, in-house classes, outreach ministries to the poor, and regular participation in Franciscan events.

2. Incorporation

Novitiate: After the reception of the habit, the novice participates in an experience of “a-year-and-a-day” of deepening his understanding of his Franciscan vocation.

At the conclusion of the Novitiate, the novice professes “temporary vows.” He renews his vows for at least three years before applying for “solemn vows” as his life commitment.

3. Integration

Post-Novitiate: Priesthood candidate: pursues studies as required for ordination (philosophy, theology, etc.)

Brotherhood candidate: pursues studies or attains experience appropriate for his focus of ministry.


Catholic, male; high school degree; good health, a desire to learn, serve, sacrifice, and share a common life.

Priests & Brothers
Two Vocations, One Life in Common

  • Franciscan priests and brothers live an intensification of their baptismal consecration by professing the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
  • Franciscan priests and brothers live a fraternal and common life.
  • Franciscan priests and brothers are attuned to the need of balancing their lives between work and prayer, action and contemplation.
  • While Franciscan priests best role-model the transcendent Christ as preachers and leaders of worship, Franciscan brothers best role-model the imminent Christ in ministries of education, health care, and social services.

If you are interested in learning more
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