Global Outreach of Conventual Franciscans

St. Francis of Monselice Padua, Italy
In 1980, the friars started a farm that serves as a treatment center for young people with addictions.

Multiversidad Montevideo, Uruguay
In 1988, the friars initiated an academy that offers courses in ecology, ethics, particular methods of educating the poor, and think-tanks for developing new skills for the jobless.

Cineforum Rome, Italy
In 1968, the friars introduced a film-forum located in their international college. Film critics, directors or actors, are invited to lead discussions about the themes and influences of modern media.

Arts Center Mt. St. Francis, IN
In 1989, the friars created an art colony and retreat facility that is a haven for artisans needing the time to develop and express their creative talents.

Tobias House Toronto, Canada
An apartment complex specifically designed for those with physical disabilities. Although the residents try to be self-sufficient, there is a 24 hour support staff.

Pilgrimage Lourdes, France
Friars seasonally staff the “St. Maximilian Kolbe Educational Center.” Some are nursing coordinators for the “National Rosary Pilgrimage.”

City of Children St. Andre, Brazil
The friars sponsor many orphanages in South America for abandoned and unwanted children. One moving success story in particular is the “City for Children,” a home and trade school for over 250.

Confessors Vatican City
Since 1773, the Conventual Franciscans have been the confessors at St. Peter’s Basilica.

Holy Apostles Rome, Italy
The international headquarters of the Conventual Franciscans has care of the remains of the Apostles Philip and James. The friars also offer confession and counseling and serve the local poor with food and clothing.

Handwriting Anaylsis
At the beginning of the 20th century Friar Girolomo Moretti passionately promoted handwriting analysis as a serious discipline within the behavioral sciences. Soon the Conventuals established centers in Urbino and Rome, Italy. Today, several friars around the world continue to lecture and write on this fascinating subject.

New Frontiers Russia
In 1993, the friars renewed their presence in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They immediately established a publishing house and ministry among youth, elderly, and the abandoned.

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