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Are you being called by Jesus Christ to live the Gospel in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi?

For 800 years the spiritual sons of Saint Francis have labored at change and transformation in every spectrum of life.

If you have felt the Lord calling you to • simplicity • fraternity • penance • joyfulness, then don’t hesitate to contact the Vocation Director for more information!

The “Conventual” Franciscans

In 1209, St. Francis of Assisi received formal approval from Pope Innocent III for his new way of life. He called his community the “Friars Minor,” a title literally meaningLesser Brothers. St. Francis wanted his followers to imitate the humility of Christ and to minister to the least in society.

After St. Francis’ death, his movement possessed such a vitality, with so many opinions on how to live his form of Gospel life, that over time his charism could not be contained in one community. In 1517, the Order divided into autonomous branches, each professing a valid perspective of their observance of his Rule.

The “Conventual” followers of St. Francis chose to minister in the heart of the cities rather than in more remote hermitages. They chose to band together in large houses (conventus, from the Latin). From these “fortresses of faith” the concentration of talented men living a life steeped in prayer, study and work became like a well-armed garrison that fought against the power of darkness and despondency on the battleground of urban life.

From these friaries (as Franciscan houses are called in North America), these Conventual friars charted the stars with Galileo, developed math theorems with Da Vinci, assisted in the design of St. Peter’s, composed with Mozart, invented eyeglasses, and offered charity and consolation toward all.

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