Time Out to Encounter God Anew

With an increased sense of rootlessness in our society, a pilgrimage invites us to stop and reconnect with what is important in our lives.

A pilgrimage always requires leaving one’s own environment and daily routine and setting out on a journey with a particular spiritual purpose. A pilgrimage is a journey undertaken with religious motives to a sacred site. The sacred site could be a shrine in your region or be well known nationally or internationally.

Pilgrimages are undertaken for numerous reasons. Some people make pilgrimages to renew their relationship with God, some to ask for special favors, while others to praise and thank him for special graces received or to experience his healing power.

Values of a Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage has many spiritual, psychological and social benefits. It affords the individual many opportunities to experience the closeness of God on the way to the sacred place as well as at the shrine.

A pilgrimage with a group offers many occasions to practice acts of charity and to develop an attitude of tolerance and patience. The journey itself, with all its difficulties and sacrifices, has a unique power to develop a spirit of community in praying together and serving one another. This is a practical and effective way of hearing God’s word and sharing it with others.

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