Vistor Testimonials

What Are Others Saying About Us?

“There is a real holiness at this place, and it seems to touch everyone here: the friars, the staff and visitors. Your sincere commitments to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother inspired me throughout my stay here.”
Charlie McCoy, Notre Dame, Indiana

“The retreat rooms are extremely clean, comfortable, and the chapel is very handy, quiet and peaceful. You all made us feel at home! Thanks!”
—S. Carolyn Eultgess (Sisters of Christian Charity), Eagle Butte, South Dakota

“The Chapel is very beautiful. As always the highlight of my retreat is the Solumn Evening

and Morning Prayers. Truely ” A little Bit of Heaven”
—Laura Chaplinski, Rockford, Illinois

“Thank you for giving us a tour through Marytown . . . . The whole trip was interesting and fun!”
—St. Francis de Sales 6th grader, Lake Zurich, Illinois

“The chapel is absolutely magnificent.”
—Kathleen, McKee, Santa Clare, California

“The workshop that I held at Marytown for Catholic schools was a success. Marytown Retreat and Conference Center offered our workshop attendees an atmosphere that was both spiritual and professional. The assistance and hospitality extended to us by the Marytown staff was exceptional. The Conference Center facility was beautiful and very accessible. Meals were on time and delicious. Mass was available for our attendees at 7:00 a.m. and again at 12:00 noon. The meeting room was spacious and the seating very comfortable. Based on my experience, I recommend you consider Marytown for your next retreat or conference.”
—John Cooper, Chicago, Illinois
Catholic School Enrollment Solutions,
Division of Institute for School & Parish Development

“Your retreat prices are excellent.
The support staff was very helpful in my finding a quiet place to read and pray.”
Martha Karam, Willamsburg, Virginia

“Marytown is by far one of the most outstanding centers in many states!”
Margaret S., Elmhurst, Illinois

“Thank you very, very much! It was beautiful here at Marytown!”
Jimmy Mas, Lauderhill, Florida

“I will come back! I attended Day of Reflection on St. Paul. The Friars are wonderful, but I especially loved Father Steve’s talk on St. Paul and the Eucharist.

Carolyn Hyppolite, Chicago, Illinois

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